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Create an expandable sensor network. The EnviroMonitor Cellular Gateway collects data from a weather station and Nodes with a wide variety of Davis Instruments and leading third-party sensors. Data is pushed to the  WeatherLink cloud via cellular connectivity. The data can then be accessed on your phone, tablet, and computer.

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An EnviroMonitor System is an advanced mesh network that includes a Gateway and several Nodes. Each Node can have up to four sensors. The Nodes transmit the sensor data to a mesh parent, either the Gateway or another Node.
The Gateway then sends the data via cellular connection to

Additional information

Weight 10.2 lbs
Dimensions 16.25 × 12.25 × 6.5 in

EM Gateway Specification Sheet


EnviroMonitor Gateway Specification #6802

EM Gateway User Manual


EnviroMonitor Gateway User Manual #6802

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