Farmers and endurance athletes alike, know that prior to starting a season or entering a race, that a great deal of planning, training, and hard-work will be required to be successful and accomplish their goals. At AGceleration Advisory Service, we combine that same dedication, discipline, and drive in working with and introducing new innovations to agriculture. This includes the testing, evaluating, and analysis of traditional precision ag technologies and crop inputs such as remote sensing imagery, soil moisture monitoring, variable rate application, data management, and the agronomic validation of crop nutrients, protectants, seeds, and biostimulants.  It also includes the collaboration, understanding, and integration of emerging technologies and products which enhance productivity and sustainability on the farm, including IoT, autonomous machinery, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain into current and future agricultural offerings. AGceleration’s goal is to increase the pace of commercialization and adoption of new innovations that bring value to growers and the agriculture industry.

Allan Fetters, Principal


Allan is a third-generation agriculturist from the San Joaquin Valley of California. His vast knowledge spans both the value chain and agriculture technology. Allan has been supplying and selling crop inputs to growers and farm dealers for over 30 years. During his tenure, he has spent time in field research, sales, marketing, business management, and technology development and implementation. Allan has a passion for many things; life, agricultural technology, and endurance sports.